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The Great Ocean Rd


When we first started thinking & planning our Australian travels, Tara said “I don't care where we go but we have to go to The Great Ocean rd & the Kimberleys. It was raining when we were driving there so we weren't sure what to expect but the clouds parted and The Great Ocean put an incredible show on for us. To tell you a little secret I had already been there so I new what to expect & how incredible the area was but it was a first for Tara & she couldn't get over how unbelievable the Twelve Apostles looked up close.   




 We spent a bit of time filming the helicopters fly around the Great Ocean rd. This is some footage I filmed around the choppers and one of the short flights I took.



Tara & I chartered a helicopter to get some specific shots we were chasing for the Great Ocean Rd video.







This is a video off all the little bits that didn't make the final video. Tara & I couldn't believe how many Koalas there were.